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      Henan Shijie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd



      Henan Shijie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the company's main quartz sand stone washing agent, potassium feldspar stone washing agent, purification and whitening of non-metallic ore agent, boiler descaling agent, wall detergent, kaolin whitening agent, solid powder, meltwater colorless, tasteless transparent, do not hurt your hands, after washing to maintain the raw ore essence glaze!

      Shi Jie Wang through the research and development team, in the mineral purification whitening iron field, Shuai first put forward to the whole solid type of salt, instead of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid. And regard it as a miracle. After several years of continuous research and development, the successful development of Shijie Wang 1, Shijie Wang 2 and Shijie Wang 3 products! Among them, Shijie King 1 is mainly customized for all mine stones to remove the yellow skin, and Shijie King 2 is customized for the viscous material kaolin. Shijie Wang No. 3 product is based on the degradation of toxic mercury (mercury) as the theme. It is the exclusive product used for cleaning oil and gas pipelines in the exploitation of PetroChina. Our research and development and production of scientific export-oriented new products, good reputation, sincerely look forward to your presence and cooperation!





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