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      石英石洗石劑 Quartz stone washing agent

      2021-05-14 17:01:13
      石英石洗石劑 Quartz stone washing agent


      Quartz stone washing agent can effectively remove rust, yellow spots and stains on the surface of quartz ore. It is specially used for cleaning quartz ore after massive mining, improving the whiteness and purity of ore, restoring the original color, texture and visual effect of stone, and greatly improving the quality and qualified utilization rate of quartz ore. Greatly improve the economic benefits of ore mining.


      1. Improve ore purity: effectively remove the dirt deposited on the surface and inner layer of ore, improve the purity of ore and greatly improve the utilization rate of ore.


      2. No harm to quartz ore. After cleaning, quartz ore surface is white and bright, with good whiteness and brightness;

      3、 使用經濟簡便:使用本清洗劑,浸泡即可去除礦石污垢,無須購置安裝專門的清洗裝置與設備,降低使用成本。

      3, the use of economic and simple: the use of this cleaning agent, soak can remove ore dirt, no need to purchase and install special cleaning devices and equipment, reduce the use cost.



      The use of quartz stone washing agent:

      1、 礦山開采出來的礦石經過碎石機加工成石粒1~3cm直徑,除去粉塵后,可以進行清洗;

      1. The ore mined from the mine is processed into stone particles with a diameter of 1~3cm by gravel crusher. After dust is removed, it can be cleaned.


      2, USES the pool of water soaking method: place the quartz mine into pool, after adding detergent for the tank full of quartz mine in just met can, soaked after 4 ~ 5 hours, take it out for clean quartz ore, or to arrange cleaner to another backup storage of cleaning the pool, will be fully finished cleaning the quartz mine 10 ~ 30 minutes, rinse after air can be finished packing.


      3, using automatic stone roller auxiliary when cleaning equipment, equipment can automatically adding medicament or method of adding a certain proportion potion regularly adding detergent, using this method cleaning, from beginning to clean out the Shi Duan Shi Duan, cleaning time is approximately 30 minutes, depending on the severity of the quartz mine dirt, according to the on-scene experience to reduce or extend the cleaning time. Then rinse the cleaned quartz ore for 10~30 minutes, dry it and pack it.



      Notes for quartz stone washing agent:


      1. Quartz ore rust, yellow spot, stain formation time is long, has a strong anti-cleaning ability, cleaning agent must be used in the original solution, otherwise, it will affect the cleaning effect;


      2. When the dirt is serious, the cleaning time must be extended, and proper heating can also improve the cleaning effect and shorten the cleaning time;


      3. This product is smokeless, odorless and non-volatile.



      Can be used to wash all kinds of minerals containing impurities, whether it is yellow red black can be a wash that is white, quartz and potassium feldspar, feldspar, barite, jade-stone and all kinds of non-metallic minerals on the earth have a good effect of removing iron, lifting white and reducing miscellany.

      The packing is woven bag with inner lining, the weight standard of each bag is 25kg.


      After-sales service:


      If the product used is invalid or the effect is not significant, you can return it within 7 days for a refund. However, it needs to be noted that the impurities and color outside the ore are to be cleaned. The sandwich cannot be penetrated by this product, so it needs to be cleaned after breaking.







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