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      石潔王洗石劑 Shi Jie Wang stone washing agent

      2021-05-14 17:01:48
      石潔王洗石劑 Shi Jie Wang stone washing agent

      【石潔王】是河南石潔環??萍坚槍Φ厍虼迨⒓胺墙饘俚V不同區域礦質,復 配的藥劑,完全取代HCI。H2SO4,顛覆傳統酸洗。。本產品是氧化劑、催化劑 、滲透劑、耦合劑、漂白劑,鹽類、食用酸類,EDTA-DTPA'NTA'多種元素的復 合劑。對礦物中的氧化物有很好的耦合作用,對礦體本身及人身體,農作物沒 有任何副作用;絡合劑清洗是利用絡合劑對各種成垢金屬離子的絡合作用或螯 合作用,使之生成可溶性的絡合物而進行清洗。常用的有機螯合劑有EDTA、 DTPA和 NTA等。例如,EDTA(yi二胺四yi酸)可以生成多鈉鹽,常見的是二鈉 鹽或三鈉鹽,它們對各種成垢金屬離子有較強的絡合能力。近年來,美國、西 歐、等相繼開發了一些較有效的螯合清洗法。河南石潔環保研發生產的石 潔王洗石劑,并出口日本;其是石英石原礦有效無害清洗劑,能有效去除石英 礦石表面生銹,黃斑和污漬。專門用于大規模開采石英石礦石后的清洗,提高 礦石的白度和純度,恢復原石的顏色,質地和視覺。其效果是大大提高石英礦 的質量和合格利用率,大大提高礦石開采的經濟效益。并對石英砂的提純增白 降鐵有較好的做用,百問不如一試,不試不知道,一試忘不掉!

      【 Shijie King 】 is a compound agent of Henan Shijie Environmental Protection Technology for the mineral quality of quartz and non-metallic ore in different regions of the global village, which completely replaces HCI. H2SO4, subvert the traditional pickling. This product is an oxidizer, catalyst, penetration agent, coupling agent, bleaching agent, salt, edible acid, EDTA-DTPA'NTA' complex mixture of various elements. It has a good coupling effect on the oxides in the minerals, and has no side effects on the ore body itself, human body and crops. Complexing agent cleaning is the use of complexing agent for various scale metal ions complexation or chelation, so that the formation of soluble complex and cleaning. The commonly used organic chelating agents are EDTA, DTPA and NTA. For example, EDTA (Yi diamine tetra-Yi acid) can produce polysodium salts, commonly disodium or trisodium salts, which have a strong complexing ability to various scale forming metal ions. In recent years, the United States, Western Europe, etc., have developed some more effective chelating cleaning methods. Shijie Wang stone washing agent developed and produced by Henan Shijie Environmental Protection, and exported to Japan; It is an effective and harmless cleaning agent for quartz ore, which can effectively remove rust, yellow spots and stains on the surface of quartz ore. Specially used for cleaning quartz ore after large-scale mining, improve the whiteness and purity of the ore, restore the color, texture and vision of the original stone. Its effect is to greatly improve the quality and qualified utilization rate of quartz ore, greatly improve the economic benefits of ore mining. And the purification of quartz sand whitening iron has a better use, a hundred questions as a try, do not try to do not know, a try to forget!


      Shijie king stone washing agent is a special agent used for cleaning the surface of quartz stone and ore. It is a special agent jointly researched and developed by our company and related universities and scientific research institutions. The agent is convenient to use, simple to operate, no harm to the site environment, and it is the agent in this field in China.



      Characteristics of Shijie Wang stone washing agent:




      1. this agent is A powder, with A, B material separately used,A, B material ratio of one to add water can be.

      2. Simple operation, no harm, good working environment.

      3. the potion can be used repeatedly, after each use only add the loss of water can continue to use.



      Usage method of Shijie Wang stone washing agent:


      2、公司推薦藥劑使用配比為(藥劑A、B總量) :水=1: 15-30。


      1. Before use, the user can determine the reasonable mixing amount (A, B material total) according to the ore surface state and ambient temperature, cleaning speed, through experiments.

      2. The company recommends the ratio of drug (total amount of agent A and B) : water = 1:15-30.

      3. dispensing method according to the proportion of the medicine into the water, with air pump air into the medicine pool, so that the medicine is fully dissolved, the effect.


      Shijie Wang stone washing agent matters needing attention:

      1、本藥劑使用環境溫度不低于10 ;




      1. The ambient temperature of this agent should not be lower than 10;

      2. use protection: please pay attention to the use of protection, body contact please use clean water rinse

      3. Storage conditions: store in a dry and cool place; pay attention to moisture protection after opening the package;

      4. storage period of six months.







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